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My Story

A little more about Me, A.Marie (Ashley)...


A few years back, I realized that I had lost my Happi. On my quest for self-discovery. I found; Reiki, Sound Healing, and Reflexology among other things; Yoga, Meditation, Dancing & Singing, etc... things that bring me so much joy. I then felt a strong sense of knowing that I needed to help bring this same, Happiness that I had found to the world.


Each and every person has beautiful Light and Magic inside of them. I refer to this as your “Happishit”, it’s that extra sparkle in each one of us that can be unlocked to live the life of our dreams.


The everyday foods & drinks we consume, environments we surround ourselves with, self-talk and thoughts are all connected and are either healing or tearing us down. I’m certified & specialize in the things that bring me Happiness and my goal with each client is to utilize my knowledge, experience, and gifts to help you in your life journey of self-discovery in the most positive path possible.

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